Cartel & Willow

Pixie Legging

$55 $109
  • Sports luxe yoga legging
  • High waisted, full length legging
  • Made of our new performance lycra fabric
  • Eden wears a size small and is 175cm tall


Whites deserve some extra love. Wash these separately to brights and darks to ensure there is no colour transfer.

Rayon is delicate, hand wash your rayon pieces separately to maintain their beauty. 

Do not tumble dry any of your pieces.
All of our garments have undergone vigorous testing to reduce the risk of shrinkage, however the dryer can be dangerous place for your favourites!
Instead, lay them flat to dry right away - avoid your wet washing sitting in a pile for too long.


Please refer to the care instructions on the tag of your garment for specific washing instructions. 


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